Who is Dale Dunnerway (aka Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™)?

Dale is an outdoorsman who works long hours at an office job. His friends say he likes to hunt and fish too much, but to him there is no such thing. He’s certainly not a superhero, but he’s a brother to all of us who’d rather be in the woods. Learn more about Dale’s day-to-day work life in his outdoors-themed comic books, 1) On the Job with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy - An Avid Outdoorsman Stuck in an Office Cubicle, and 2) Rather-Be-Hunting Guy and Life's Demands - Going Through Adulthood Rough Around the Edges, which, along with bumper stickers, are available for purchase on the home page of this site.  If you are having trouble with the shopping cart, click one item and then it will start the process - you can add items after that. We plan for more Dale-related books and products to be available soon.

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