Thanks for your interest in our products.  We are just getting started so we are still rough around the edges.  Please note: 

  • Our system is set up to process orders for the US and Canada only.  Although the shopping cart will process orders for countries other than the US and Canada, the shipping cost information is not accurate for such orders; please contact us at and we will reply with the shipping cost in those situations. 
  • The same situation exists for purchases of greater than 5 books (any geography); while the shopping cart will process these, the shipping costs will not be accurate.  Please contact us at and we will reply with the shipping cost in those situations.
  • We normally ship orders the business day after the order is received, and it usually takes around 5 business days for you to receive your item.  
  • We are not set up to process returns or refunds.  We will gladly replace any Rather-Be-Hunting Guy merchandise damaged during shipment.  In that situation, contact us by and we will reply with the address to which you should ship the damaged item.  When we receive the item, we will mail out your replacement.

Limit Out, LLC contact information - contact us through our publicists or attorneys, or mail / email us directly:

  • LEAP:  Digital Marketing Agency in Louisville, KY.  502-212-1390.  Ask for Kirk, the firm President.
  • Lien Public Relations : tel: 952-220-5414.  Email:  This PR firm will coordinate business development (licensing, wholesale) calls and meetings for us.  Please reach out to this firm at the phone number or email listed above and they will arrange for conversations with us about wholesale, licensing, and other business development matters.
  • Limit Out is managed by people with day jobs in the Central time zone; it may take a day or two to return your call, but we will do so. Thanks for your patience!
Business Inquiries (wholesale, licensing, etc): Limit Out, LLC (owner of all Rather-Be-Hunting Guy rights) can be reached by email at or call our publicists (preferred method) at the phone numbers above.

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