Dale’s first book, On the Job with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy - An Avid Outdoorsman Stuck in an Office Cubicle and his 2nd book, Rather-Be-Hunting Guy and Life's Demands - Going though Adulthood Rough Around the Edges, are available for purchase on the home page of this site. These are great conversation pieces and fantastic gifts for hunters!  Anyone who works too much and hunts too little will relate to Dale Dunnerway.  Plus, we hope you like the artwork and consider these collectibles. 

Also Available - Window Decals Only (Bumper Stickers Sold Out)!



We hope to eventually offer other "Dale" products – baseball hats, decals, t-shirts, prints, posters, coffee mugs, and more – and we will update this site when those items are available. 

Dale's books and stickers can be purchased only through this site.  One day you may be able to buy "Dale" items through major outdoors retailers - if you like Dale's book, please tell your favorite outdoors retailers that you want to be able to buy "Dale" stuff from them in the future.  

Dale suggests you check out the 10 minute deer skinner!  http://tenminutedeerskinner.tripod.com

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